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US Mint Coin Will Feature an African American Lady Liberty

Ever since the US coins were made by the United States Mint, the Lady Liberty was always represented by a white woman. Now, Mint is all set to release a commemorative gold coin that will portray Lady Liberty as a black woman. This is a very welcome move that emphasizes the importance of inclusion in America. The new coin will be released for the celebration of the 225th anniversary of the coin production of Mint. This announcement is made by the Treasury department and Mint.

The new memorial coin that weighs one ounce is made of 24-karat gold. You can purchase this coin starting from April 6th. The encapsulated coin will be placed inside a black wood case that is custom designed. Mint has announced that these coins will be released once every two years. This is a part of memorial coins that are designed to represent the ethnic and cultural diversity of the United States. To represent other cultures, coins in the future will feature Lady Liberty as Hispanic, Asian and Indian. A similar series featuring the same designs in .999 silver will also be made available for sale soon.

This announcement by the US Mint couldn’t come at a better time. It is one of the important cultural moments in the history of the United States. The president-elect Donald Trump won the election where the debates focused mostly on immigrants and their culture. Just a week before the president is scheduled to take the office, the inclusion of an African-American woman in the US Mint coin design reinforces the importance of the non-white community in the United States.

Lady Liberty is an undeniable symbol of America. She was presented as a gift in 1886 by France. The statue of the Lady Liberty is erected in the New York Harbor. The lady is a typical white European woman with a lamp, calling the refugees. The deputy director of US Mint, Rhett Jeppson said that their intention was to honor the heritage and tradition of America. He insisted that they wanted to create a conversation about liberty and freedom. The US Mint wanted to change the representation of Lady Liberty as the nation evolves.

These memorial coins are not made for regular use. They are made in limited editions and collectors love them. The coins sell for a price much greater than the face value as they are made of gold. The value of the coins is equivalent to the value of gold used in the coins.

The obverse side of the coin was designed by Justin Kunz which depicts an African-American Lady Liberty with a crown of stars. The reverse side of the coin shows a majestic flying eagle. The profit generated by selling these coins will be added to the Treasury. Mint is planning to produce 100,000 gold coins and it will also produce 100,000 silver coins called as medals. These new coins are in the production stage while the other coins in the series are in the design phase.